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Economic Update Event Recap - Feb 2014

by Allison Burton, February 17, 2014

AWF has always been proud of our hugely successful Economic Update event. Our annual Economic Update event at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia on February 12 was no different. Thanks to the tremendous support from our community and our sponsor, RBC Wealth Management, our 2014 event was sold out weeks prior to the event!

Our 2014 speakers’ panel consisted of:

Jim Allworth, Investment Strategist and Co-Chair of RBC Dominion Securities’ Global Portfolio Advisory Committee

Jill Leversage, Managing Director, Highland West Capital

Jock Finlayson, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Business Council of British Columbia

These dynamic panelists offered us an in-depth discussion of the economic outlook from a global, national and regional perspective and how the economy will affect BC businesses, investors and families.

Jim Allworth presented his global perspective on the current and forecasted economic markets. He highlighted to guests that the ‘one thing to worry about is another recession in the US markets, which has a 0 to 2% chance of occurring’.

Jock Finlayson focused on the Canadian economy and the current and forecasted health of BC businesses and that ‘future national economic growth will have to rely more on exports and business investments and less on consumer or household spending.

Jill Leversage gave our guests an in-depth review on the current market conditions and her viewpoint on local key industries. She discussed the economic risks that would most likely derail the potential positive outlook for 2014, which included managing the change of the Canadian dollar, China dependence, and the New Governor of the Bank of Canada.

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