2019 PEAK Honourees

On May 15, 2019, the AWF celebrated the success of the following five professionals:

Lifetime Achievement

Susan Chortyk - Founding Partner and Vice-President (retired), PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd.


Walter Pela - Managing Partner, Greater Vancouver Area, KPMG LLP

Excellence in Industry

Tamara Vrooman - President and CEO, Vancity Credit Union

Significant Board Contribution

Annalisa King - Chair of Governance Committee & Director, Vancouver Airport Authority, Director: Saputo Inc., The North West Company, and First Capital Realty Inc.

Rising Star

Abigail Ma - Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

Past PEAK Honourees


Lifetime Achievement Bev Briscoe
Champion Elisabeth Finch
Excellence in Industry Shannon Rogers
Significant Board Contribution Angela Kaiser
Rising Star Jayana Darras


Lifetime Achievement Geri Prior
Excellence in the Private Sector Sue Paish
Excellence in the Public Sector Brenda Liggett
Rising Star Jodi Moss
Champion Bob Elton


Lifetime Achievement Maureen Howe
Excellence in the Private Sector Karla McCarthy
Excellence in the Public Sector Carolyn Rogers
Rising Star Michelle Grant
Champion Anna Tudela


Lifetime Achievement Joanne Gassman
Excellence in the Private Sector Kathy Butler
Excellence in the Public Sector Cathy McLay
Rising Star Lana Kirk
Champion John Montalbano


Lifetime Achievement Anne Lippert
Excellence in the Private Sector Sandra Stuart
Excellence in the Public Sector Jacqueline Hogan
Community Legacy Virginia Weiler
Rising Star Miranda Lam


Lifetime Achievement Shelley Brown
Excellence in the Private Sector Gail Edwards
Excellence in the Public Sector Cheryl Yaremko
Community Legacy Elise Rees
Rising Star Julie McGill


Lifetime Achievement Anne M Stewart
Excellence in the Private Sector Jane Russell
Excellence in the Public Sector Stephanie Sharp
Community Legacy Joanne Hausch
Rising Star Christine Bergeron


Rising Star Lisa Skakun
Excellence in the Private Sector Bev Park
Community Legacy Christina Anthony
Excellence in the Public Sector Patricia Hibbitts
Lifetime Achievement Nancy McKinstry


Lifetime Achievement Sarah Morgan-Silvester
Performance & Excellence Patrice Impey
Knowledge & Leadership Sue Hutchison


Lifetime Achievement Virgina Greene
Performance & Excellence Elizabeth Harrison
Knowledge & Leadership Eleanor Joy


Lifetime Achievement Carol Newell
Performance & Excellence Tracey McVicar
Knowledge & Leadership Elaine Reynolds


Lifetime Achievement Doreen McKenzie-Sanders
Performance & Excellence Catherine Mcleod-Seltzer
Knowledge & Leadership Tamara Vrooman


Lifetime Achievement Wendy McDonald
Performance & Excellence Gail Stephens
Knowledge & Leadership Julia Kim


Lifetime Achievement Shelley Tratch
Performance & Excellence Lisa Pankratz
Knowledge & Leadership Jane Peverett


Lifetime Achievement Jill Bodkin
Performance & Excellence Natalie Dakers
Knowledge & Leadership Rowena Liang


Lifetime Achievement Eva Lee Kwok
Performance & Excellence Geri Prior
Knowledge & Leadership Stephanie Sharp
Leaders in Finance Debra Hewson
Leaders in Finance Maureen Howe
Leaders in Finance Bev Park
Leaders in Finance Bev Voice


Knowledge & Leadership Barbara Livingston