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Christina Anthony
Director, Odlum Brown and Founder & Chair, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
Christina Anthony is a living legacy to the community in which she lives and the organizations with which she interacts. A consistently top rated Investment Advisor and Director with Odlum Brown Limited and a hands on mother of four children under the age of six, Christina is not only an exceptional woman in finance but also exceptional in her community involvement. Prior to joining Odlum Brown, Christina worked at Goldman Sachs in Seattle and in New York. She majored in Finance at the Sauder School of Business and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
Christina is recognized for founding the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, an organization dedicated to educating and mentoring women entrepreneurs. Following her involvement with FWE in Seattle, Christina established the FWE in Vancouver in 2001. As President, Christina provides the FWE with its strategic direction, and retains an active role in creating and maintaining relationships with sponsors, government and other stakeholders, and profiling women entrepreneurs in the media and community. In its 11th year of operation, Christina has overseen the organization’s growth to more than 500 members, establishing FWE as a sustainable platform supporting hundreds of BC’s female entrepreneurs today and for the future.
In addition, Christina served as a member of the Small Business Roundtable for BC from 2005 to 2009 and currently sits on the boards of UBC & VGH Hospital Foundations and Wear Else. Christina volunteers as a mentor to current students through the UBC Portfolio Management Foundation and has initiated the Wall Street 101 seminar, which provides annual insight into careers in the financial industry.